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I just started 9th grade at a San Francisco Art High School, where I am enrolled in their Media program. This program involves film and video editing and creation, and in future years will have me working on many different media aspects such as: graphic design, script/play writing, photography and animation. Not only has 4Sync been helpful in the first week of school, but also it will be invaluable over the next few years as I progress through the program. I’ve already been able to share group projects with my classmates, and submitted assignments to my teachers. I will definitely continue to use this service, it’s so easy to use and have my school friends, and teachers setup themselves.

- Odessa, School of the Arts High School - Media Department, 9th Grade

My band mates and I have so many iterations of our songs while working on new music and during the recording process. While in the recording phase we all collaborate, sending each other updated tracks; often times when I record a new drum portion of a song, I need to send that to our producer to add to the track. Using 4Sync has been so easy for all of us, the application is dynamic yet simple to use. If we’re at the recording studio we can also access our files from any of our phones, so we’ve always got them with us.

- Nick, Drummer for The Greening

From a logistic standpoint, it is important to use cloud storage and syncing, as I don’t need another piece of equipment while I films across the country. However the biggest reason I use 4Sync over the countless of other services out there, is that 4Sync offers unlimited file size uploads at an alarming speed. This also enables my clients who may be across the country or continent to download shared videos as quickly. I also posts my videos on her Facebook, Tumbler, YouTube and via Twitter – 4Sync lets me share all my videos with 1 click. Thanks 4Sync!

- Sarah Austin, Vlogger, Video Producer @ Pop17 and Contributor at Forbes

I am an animal photographer who has been published in many local and national magazines, from San Francisco’s 7x7 Magazine to Rolling Stone and BARK Magazine. Not only is it helpful for me to share large files with my clients, but also I require a lot of storage space for all of my photographs. Your service has been exactly what I need; you offer so much storage, which is a huge factor when you consider that my high-res photographs take up a lot of space. With the allotted 1 TB of storage I can save money where every little bit counts towards a new exciting camera lens or other important purchase. Thanks for the awesome pricing!

- Kira, Nuena Photography

My husband and I just bought a 40’ RV, a beast of a home on wheels. We had been doing some traveling with a small pop-up trailer and after speaking with many people we met on the road, we decided to take the plunge and invest in a big RV with the intention of ‘hitting the road’. We plan to tour the country, see this wonderful land called America; our two cats and parakeet in tow. Being on the road, indefinitely, we want a service to backup our computers that is not localized. Being mobile we want to alleviate risk of theft or loss of personal property. The idea that we can backup our computer files to the ‘Cloud’ is just what we need to feel safe in our file protection.

- Linda, Baby Boomer and Avid RV Traveler

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