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What is 4Sync?

4Sync is a Premium service that provides you with a 60-day free Trial period. In other words, you will have 60 days to get our service fully tested. If you decide not to proceed with the Premium upgrade, your account will be deactivated. However, then you will have 30 more days to get it reactivated or to take out all your data. Keep in mind that to be able to fully use your account and keep all your data safe, you will need to buy Premium. Please note that you can upgrade your account to Premium any time within your 60-day free Trial period.

What benefits does 4Sync Premium subscription imply?

4Sync Premium offers you:

  1. 1TB of storage.
  2. 20GB maximum upload file size.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth.* Whereas all users initially get 1TB of monthly traffic at 4Sync, *they can easily purchase any extra amount of traffic anytime.
  4. Instant access to all your files from any location.
  5. The possibility to sync your files between all of your computers, tablets or smartphones.
  6. Absolutely no sharing limits.
  7. Instant backup of photos and videos taken with your device.
  8. Perfect, fast and secure sharing: apply folder permissions and send direct links to your pics and files.

How to search for files?

4Sync allows you to find all your files almost instantly, by using the search option. Simply type the filename you are looking for into the Search field located at the top of your account page, next to 4Sync logo, and hit Enter. Please note: Search at 4Sync works only with your own files. It doesn't search for files uploaded by other users.

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